I BELIEVE we can prevent and heal ourselves from disease and illness.

Ive read a lot of self help books over the years and one thing that I keep reading over and over, is that our thoughts become our life. Also, that negative emotions can manifest into something physical if we do not address them in some way. I wonder if that is what happened in my case. There have been several things in my life Ive been doing to make others happy instead of myself. I tend to do that a lot even though I know I shouldn’t. It seems easier to just please others and not have to let anyone down.  There are many articles and books that clarify this. If you want to learn more of what Im talking about right now, click here.

In regards to my breast cancer diagnosis, I recently read something that stated “cancer can be healed and prevented through the law of attraction and imagination”.  I found this to be so pro found that I wanted to share it with you. What I found was a website by a man called “Awesome AJ”.  I love what he says about cancer and healing.  I also love that he offers a 21 days Law of Attraction Course for free!  I don’t think it was an accident that I found him. It is definitely worth checking out!

What he says about cancer or any illness for that matter, is that we as human beings have magical healing powers within us. I actually believe this, but I also believe it is not easy to access. There are four parts to his process: belief, gratitude, positive affirmation, and a technique he calls “white divine light process”. I won’t go into too much more, but if you want to check it out, click here .

So to re cap everything I mentioned, I do believe that we can bring illness upon ourselves by our lifestyle and negative energies surrounding us that we won’t let go of.  I also believe we can heal ourselves by our lifestyle. I know it may not be the easiest thing for a lot of people but you have to start somewhere.  Check out the articles I linked to and go from there. I hope it helps, or at the very least, opened your awareness to something new.

Click here to read about The day I was Diagnosed with Breast Cancer

Janas Advice: Keep an open mind to the power we have within us as human beings. With effort, we can control our thoughts and bring awareness into our lives to change it for the better. If you are harboring negative energy from your past or even right at this very moment. Find a way to release it. And on the same token, if you feel like your intuition has been trying to tell you something and you’ve been ignoring it, no matter what it is. Pay attention and stop resisting it.  Having resistance and not letting go of negativity could very possibly manifest itself into something horrible that we do not need. You are meant to live a beautiful, happy, and healthy life!

Jana LeeI BELIEVE we can prevent and heal ourselves from disease and illness.