Meditation! How and why I Meditate.


In todays post, I want to share with you how and why I meditate…………

The reason is because of how important I feel it is for everyone on this earth. It sets the tone for your entire day….You will actually notice a huge difference after just one time.  It may be hard at first but stick with it and it will become a habit.  Ive created an outline to help guide you, but keep in mind like with anything else, you will find your own way of doing things. My hope is that you will find some of what I share useful!

So what is Meditation exactly? The word “meditate” in the dictionary means this: to think deeply or focus one’s mind for a period of time, in silence or with the aid of chanting, for religious or spiritual purposes or as a method of relaxation.  This simply means, it is truly for everybody! Thats right, it doesn’t matter who you are or what you are doing.  Meditation is gift for everyone in this world and it is A LOT more simple than you think! You may have already been doing it without realizing.

How do I meditate AND have the time to do it!?  Lets start in bed. Yes, you can start in bed AND benefit from this. After you have awoken in the morning (make sure you are fully awake OR that you know you will not go back to sleep!  Start by focusing on your breath. Breath is huge and I will write another blog post on that. For now, just inhale slowly into your nose and out through your mouth. Once you have that control, continue to concentrate soley on your breath. Feel it fill up your stomach with each inhale, then feel your stomach draw in with each exhale. You can stay here and just focus on your breath, or you can begin to say some positive affirmations to yourself in your mind. Focus on them and imagine what they will feel like once they have actually happened.  For example, you may say to yourself, “I am a loving person”. Saying that out loud or in your mind and feeling that feeling with each breath.  Knowing that there is no time limit on meditation, just start out slow like two minutes.  If you like, you can set a timer or alarm for a designated amount of time. With consistent  practice, you will soon be meditating longer than you ever thought you would. Most importantly, DO NOT think about the time. Let that go and just be in the PRESENT MOMENT.

So go ahead and try it! You don’t have to wait until morning. Meditation can be done any time of day. Some people do it several times per day. If you can, why not try right now? Follow the steps listed above and go for it knowing your right where you need to be!

What do you think? Is this something that makes more sense to you? Have you tried it? How did it go? I will have a new Meditation post every Monday! Check back next week to find out my two favorite meditation styles AND what I use to meditate with. Enjoy and I would love to hear from you!






Photography by Nino Ortiz

Jana LeeMeditation! How and why I Meditate.