The day I was Diagnosed with Breast Cancer


I was recently diagnosed with breast cancer. I am only 36 years old and really healthy. I teach yoga, I also work out in the gym when I can, Im not over weight, and I eat a lot of healthy foods. I have no idea where the cancer came from. I was adopted by my step dad and my mom was adopted at birth. So as far as I know, It wasn’t  genetic.  I did do the genetic testing, still waiting on the results.

So here is my story, I will be posting my journey for you each week so check back. I hope I can inspire or help others who are affected by breast cancer as well.

I first noticed a lump in my right breast last year around September 2015. I wasn’t looking for a lump or doing a self check. I just found it accidentally because it was right at the surface of my breast and really hard.  It was also small and almost sticking out beneath the skin which made me very self conscience.  It was not what I thought breast cancer would feel like.  I knew it was not normal and I really wanted to get it checked out. At the time I didn’t have any health insurance though. I didn’t know where to go to get my breast checked. I called around and didn’t have much luck finding a clinic or facility for women at risk for breast cancer that do not have insurance.

As soon as open enrollment came up in January, I finally signed up for my health insurance. Then I had to wait until January 1st for my insurance to take effect. I called and made my appointment right away. The first thing I did was a routine check up which I was told is standard. I then went in for my mammogram and ultra sound. Unfortunately they were not able to tell what is was by doing those two procedures.

I then went in for a biopsy and another ultra sound. It was only a few days later, I got the phone call from the nurse telling me I have Invasive ductal carcinoma. I was so shocked and scared, I started sobbing. I was on my lunch break at work…  I went ahead and drove home after that.

I had to start telling my family and close friends. Everyone was so shocked just as I was. Someone even said “Cancer doesn’t discriminate.” I think they are right.  I was in denial about it at first and stayed pretty calm. I let my self  break down a few times but I also accepted it almost right away. Accepting it helped me to stay calm and deal with it in the best way possible.

I immediately began researching breast cancer and all the theories of where it comes from. One spiritual theory that I just read about is; that one can develop cancer by harboring negative thoughts or partaking in negative activities when you body is telling you to stop. Our bodies need to release negative emotion and negative thoughts in order to stay healthy and balanced. If we do not and continue to be resistant, at some point all those negative emotions that are bottled up inside you over a period of time, can quite possibly become cancer.

I’ll talk more about that as well as my progress in my next blog post. Thank you for reading!

Janas Advice: If you think you may have breast cancer, the lump is usually a lot harder than what you would expect, and it can be as tiny as a pea. If you do not have health insurance, please get it today! If you go through Obama Care or other public insurance and open enrollment has passes. Look into a private insurance until enrollment opens again. And don’t be afraid of health care costs, if you need the help, there is financial assistance, medicaid and other forms of help that are out there and ready to help you! Your health and life are  priceless!






Jana LeeThe day I was Diagnosed with Breast Cancer