The BEST way to choose the right breast cancer surgery!


After receiving my breast cancer diagnosis, I learned so much that I didn’t know about.

A few facts you MUST know; once someone has had breast cancer and gotten rid of it…. there is a chance it can come back as “distant breast cancer”. Distant breast cancer means that it can come back in a different part of the body. This could be the bones, the brain, lungs, etc.  If this happens,  they say it is not curable. This is one of the reasons why a lot of women have chemotherapy. It actually cuts the risk of distant cancer by ninety percent! Another fact about distant cancer, is that it usually takes ten to thirty years before it comes back. Because of this, women who are diagnosed in their  50’s, 60’s and higher may not be alive to deal with it. Women who are diagnosed at a young age however, most likely  will be alive if it comes back. That is why women diagnosed when they are young are recommended to have chemotherapy for prevention of that.

I know there are natural options as well. I am just beginning to explore those now. I will write about that in a future post as I am keen on natural alternatives when it comes to anything health and nutrition wise.

As I began receiving the results from all of my tests, everything was looking really good for me. I didn’t even have any symptoms of breast cancer besides the lump itself.  My estrogen and protein tests were good. My lab work was good. I even decided to do a genetic test which I later found out was negative; another reason why I believe cancer can manifest itself from negative energies) read about that in this post.)  No signs of breast cancer anywhere. It definitely seemed strange.

Once I was told about the cancer, I immediately went in to meet with the surgeons, oncologists, and radiologists.  We discussed all my options in detail and I had a lot of questions… I thought I knew what route I wanted to take that day, but once I was home, I had a lot more to think about as well as more questions. I needed to make a decision quick but I took my time over the next few days to decide what I really wanted. I think it is very important not rush this decision making process. Don’t let others or even your Dr. necessarily make the decision for you. Educate yourself and let your intuition guide you here. Once I knew, I called my surgeon to go over my thoughts with her and get her opinion.

I’ll share what I decided in my next post.

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I BELIEVE we can prevent and heal ourselves from disease and illness.

Janas Advice: As I mentioned before, take your time choosing how you want to treat your cancer. Do what feels good for YOU. Whether thats praying, meditating, or educating yourself. Please do not ask others for their opinion. This is a decision you need to make on your own. You HAVE to feel that it is right for you and your intuition. Seeking some guidance form loved ones or family is ok but YOU make the ultimate decision.



Jana LeeThe BEST way to choose the right breast cancer surgery!