The big decision I made for MY Breast Cancer surgery


After spending the weekend thinking about how I wanted to treat my breast cancer..I had uninterrupted time to think more clearly with no rush. Originally, I decided to have a lumpectomy which means the cancer will be removed from the breast and I would be back to work in a couple weeks. It also meant that I would have to go through several weeks of radiation. Theres also the chance of the cancer coming back in the same breast at some point during my life. Possibly even multiple times!

So I began thinking about a mastectomy. If I chose to have a mastectomy, the chance of getting local breast cancer in either breast again, would be very very low.  A mastectomy also meant I probably wouldn’t have to do radiation therapy. (something I was desperately trying to avoid)  As I continued to contemplate a mastectomy, I decided that if that If that is what I chose to do, I would go ahead and have a double mastectomy. Here is why: I would take the chance of local breast cancer away from BOTH breasts, I most likely wouldn’t have to do radiation, and since I knew I wanted reconstructive surgery, I would want my breasts to look the same once this is all done.  So doing a double mastectomy meant that my reconstruction would be on both sides rather than one.  I knew it was a major surgery, but I looked at it like this; yes it will be harder for me right now, but better and easier in the long run. I was willing to go through the pain and agony to get where I wanted to be. And I didn’t want fear to impact my decision by any means!

We scheduled the surgery and since I had several days leading up to it, I went ahead and worked at my day job, taught my yoga classes, and worked out hard core. I wanted to be in good spirits, healthy, and fit going into surgery.

My mom flew into town to stay with me for a week and my family started preparing. My kids knew and I made sure they weren’t scared but rather relieved. When I first told my son, he cried and was very upset. My daughter who is younger didn’t understand completely and tok it better. When it came time for my surgery, everyone had calmed down and we were ready. Deep down though, I admit I was terrified. This was a 4 hour surgery. What if something went wrong? I had a lot of anxiety that I tried to cover up.

Read my next blog post to hear all the details of how my surgery and hospital stay went.

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Janas Advice: Just remember that you have the wisdom inside you to know what you want. Do not rush making important, life altering decisions like these. If you need more time, let your Dr know, its ok! Sleep on it, do whatever it is you need to. I will talk more about after care for breast cancer in future posts as I have not reached that stage in my treatment yet.  Thank you for reading!


Jana LeeThe big decision I made for MY Breast Cancer surgery